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Purrbodys Cattery

Maine Coon Cats

"The Native American Cat"

After 14+  years of breeding, we have stopped.

(Karen has MS and could not properly take care of or socialize kittens.)

Thanks for many good  years.


For kittens:

1.  Cacaponcoon, Gaithersburg MD, Sergey & Natalie Yagodin

2.  Makanacoon, Virginia Beach VA, Patricia Taylor,

3.  Purrlightly, Raleigh NC, Wendy Little,  

4.  Alopeke ("Al-low-pay-kay"), Raleigh NC, Diana Fox 

5.  Britacoon, Farmville VA, Becky Carrion

Regarding Melissa Frohnapple (aka "Missy" we say, "NO COMMENT".


For more information:                                  

Purrbodys Pedigrees of Breeding Cats  Read about our breeding cats to find the ancestors of your cats.  See pedigrees and photos.

Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) - "the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats".    

The International Cat Association (TICA)  - the registration in which Purrbodys registered its foundation line of cats and kittens.  

CFA Maine Coon Cat Breed Standard - A formal description of the Maine Coon Cat "type" used by judges in the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).  This breed standard is what most breeders who show in CFA should be striving for in their breeding programs, and this standard tells you just what a Maine Coon should look like.

The Winn Feline Foundation Health Center - informational articles on the health topics including declawing, early spay/neuter, toxoplasmosis, litterbox problems, chronic gingivitis, IBD, FIP, HCM, PKD, and geriatric cat care, among many others.

Cat Fanciers Home Page -  The Cat Fanciers' Home Page is a wealth of information for any questions you may have on cats or their care.  It also has links to many other sites which give you even more information--probably more than you ever needed!  If you have a question on cats; cat care; training; grooming; breed descriptions; cats shows, clubs, and registries; veterinary medicine; breed rescue, feline welfare, and shelter information; or just plain trivia, then you need to visit this web site.

Fanciers' Breeder Referral List (FBRL) -   This site has a pedigreed cat Breeder Referral List containing catteries from all over the USA, UK, and other countries; a Retired Friends List for adopting older cats; and a Mall and Bookstore.  An excellent site to help you find a breeder from whom to purchase your Maine Coon cat/kitten.

BJMarketers  - Need a scratching post or cat tree?  BJ Marketers makes them big enough and sturdy enough for our Maine Coons!

Updated September 2007.

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